College Counseling Office (CCO)


The mission of the College Counseling Office is to help D-E students and their parents navigate the college research and application process. 
We believe that each student should be accountable and proactively engaged in the self-evaluation, research, and application process that are essential to maximizing the match between students and their college goals. The College Counseling team fosters active and open-minded collaboration with families. In this supportive environment, students learn to identify their goals and interests, to manage a complex process, and to make healthy and confident decisions about their higher education.

In the junior year, students meet with their assigned College Counselor who will provide guidance throughout the college search process. Your advisor will help you define goals and assist in your research about colleges and scholarships/financial aid; answer questions about standardized testing and application procedures; and advocate on your behalf throughout the application review process. 

Your College Counselor will assist you to realistically assess your chances for admission to a balanced range of colleges. Once you receive college offers of admission, your advisor will help you evaluate your options. Through this process, you will learn important aspects about yourself. 

We are here to help. It is our hope that this exploration of self-discovery will empower you as a D-E graduate to be a life-long learner.  

Meet the College Counseling Office (CCO)

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Understanding Standardized Testing - Fall CCO Event

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CEEB Code:  310355

CCO Location:  
  1st Floor Leggett Hall College Counseling Wing

CCO Contact Information:
  Phone: (201) 227-3170
  CCO Email:  cco@jssurfboards.com

  2020-2021 School Year: COD is virtual
  9:15am - 9:50am

   Tuesdays: Ms. Toran, Mr. Yung
   Thursdays: , Ms. Gentry, Mr. Tatelman
    Fridays: Mrs. Feikens
201-569-9500 Email: d-e@jssurfboards.com
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